What Is Hydro Dipping?

Water Transfer Printing (Hydro-Dipping™) is a surface decoration technology that uses a specialized film printed with natural designs such as burl wood, walnut, marble, and geometrical designs to decorate nearly any substrate. Water Transfer Printing and Hydrographics can be applied to materials such as plastics, metals, wood, etc. and is able to coat complex, three-dimensional shapes with very high quality. It creates new color and appearance on the printed product and enhances its value. You can see a colorful world with Water Transfer Printing, Hydrographics, and Hydro Imaging.

If you are interested in this service, we ask that you contact us directly via phone or email. Once your request is reviewed, you will be contacted by a specialist to finalize the details of your order or project.

As a part of the Hydro Dipping process, we ask that you please download and fill out our waiver form and include it upon shipment of firearms.

Download our wavier form here.

Hydro Dipping Price List | Updated June 2018
Firearms must be disassembled prior to shipment, unless other arrangements have been made.
Complete Shotgun (butt stock, forearm, barrel, receiver, end cap and trigger guard) $200.00
Complete Over and Under Shotgun $200.00
Barrel Only $85.00
Stock Only $70.00
Receiver Only $65.00
Forearm Only $55.00
Bench Rest Stock $500.00
Complete Rifle (barrel, action, stock) $200.00
Black Powder Rifle $200.00
Target Stock or Thumbhole Stock $175.00
Rifle Stock Only $125.00
Rifle Barrel/Receiver Only $105.00
Masking (bedding area, barrel channel, butt pad) $25.00
Gun Accessories
Scope - Standard (at owner's risk / not warrented) $100.00
Scope Rings and Base $40.00
Extension Tube $30.00
Bolt Handle (at owner's risk / not warrented) $25.00
Choke Tube $20.00
Trigger Guard $20.00
Floor Plate $20.00
AR Styles & Parts
Complete AR Style Rifle (buttstock, handguard, upper/lower, grip and one mag.) $259.00
AR Furniture Set (buttstock, handguard, pistol grip) $165.00
AR Upper/Lower Combo $90.00
Buttstock $70.00
Handguard - Standard $60.00
Barrel Only $60.00
AR Upper Only $45.00
AR Lower Only $45.00
Rails (4) $45.00
Grip $30.00
Charging Tube $30.00
Charging Handle $20.00
Magazine (20 - 30 round) $20.00
Complete Pistol $150.00
Revolver Frame Only $100.00
Top Slide Only $75.00
Frame Only $75.00
Pistol Grip (such as 1911 grips per set of 2) $35.00

Accepted Payment Methods